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Celebrating 10 Years of Service

Located in the heart of one of Brisbane’s best dining precincts, with experienced chefs and authentic street food, it’s easy to understand why we offer some of the best Indian food in Brisbane.

After dishing up some of Brisbane’s best Indian food for the past 10 years, we have returned with a new look, inspired by the India’s thriving street food scene.

Rich With Tradition

It’s said that you can eat more varieties of cuisines in India than the rest of the world combined! India’s cuisine varies significantly between its regions as each corner of the country has a speciality of its own.

We have brought this exciting dining culture to our kitchen so that Brisbane foodies can enjoy the rich traditions of our native streets too.

There is nothing quite so tantalising as the smell of freshly baked naan bread, straight out of our authentic tandoori oven. Wood fired and made of clay, this rustic style of cooking has been used traditionally in India for centuries.

A delicious curry often owes its scrumptious consistency and taste to an innovative combination of carefully measured ingredients. From the robust and intense fragrances of cardamom, to the beautiful aromas of coriander, we include a range of authentic Indian spices to deliver enhanced and beautiful flavours.

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